Linksland is your direct media link to the golfing public. Through a host of popular channels, we place your golf destination or property in front of millions of keen golfers.

Our media platforms include:

Golf Passport - In Flight and Online Golf Travel Show

Golf Journeys - Golf Travel E-Magazine

Golf Vacations magazine

Destination Golf - Printed and E-mag in Association with Virgin Airlines

The Grain - E-mag delivered to 

Work with us to create a suite of entertaining programmes and travel features that 


Golf Resort Review

Sharing Video Assets

We will share with you all the assets that result ffrom our visit



We don't just shoot golf - in fact too much greenery gets boring. We're just as interested in the cuisine, culture and character of your area. 



Golf Landscape imagery of the very highest standard is a marketing essential to every golf club.

David J Whyte has remained at the forefront of golf landscape photography since 1992 providing superlative images to golf clubs and prestigious golf magazines, book publishers, tourism agencies and web publishers.

David J Whyte is the official golf landscape photographer for VisitScotland and provides all the imagery for the Official Guide to Golf in Scotland. 


For the past 7 years, Linksland has created video presentations for some of the world's most prestigious golf clubs, hotels and destinations. We would be delighted to assist you with your video asset acquisition and show you how it can be used to ultimate effect. 


What we can do for you...


  • Linksland’s unique approach brings together stunning 4D & HD video capture combined with aerial (drone) footage via  - But let’s be honest, these days anyone can do that. What unique factor we bring to the party is our ability to tell your story in a way no one else can. Our team comprises of the most experienced golf travel journalists - in the world! We know how to convey
  • We have worked and continue to work with some of the most respected golf magazines - Golf, Golf Digest, Golf Vacations, Links, The Best of Golf and many more.