Scotty Select


I’ve tried putters of every denomination and configuration in my time but as soon as I got hold of a Scotty Cameron, all others paled in comparison. How does he do it? There’s a club in Japan that reveres Scotty Cameron's like Holy relics. Everyone I know who has one is convinced of their power.

Just look at the thing? It's like a metal milled from a pure piece of 303 stainless steel. It's got the tailgate of a Ferrari and the ease of a well-balanced Berreta. The sound of stainless steel meeting a urethane cover is as satisfying as the feel. 

And they keep coming out with new, even lovelier-to-look at models whilst maintaining the Zen like balance and stability they are renowned for. Take the new Newport Select, precision milled, elegantly moulded, simple and stunning to hold and behold all the way down to red-dot cosmetics like an old Oldsmobile’s brake lights augmented by a Silver Mist finish. 

The appearance is appealing but once again it’s the feel and nothing feels like a Scotty. Bad putting seems to melt in the face of this joyful piece of precision milling. It seems to work its way up my arms into my brain and bingo! I’m now a decent putter. So without further ado, in the bag goes the Scotty Cameron Newport Select 2.5 with the little flail to its neck giving me a slightly more flowing feel. 

David J WhyteComment