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When it comes to golf gear, I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail. I thought I’d found it in J. Lindeberg and I still love the haul we made at their New York SoHo shop last summer. Their street cred threads are near perfect. But their golf line is, well, a bit too golfy for my tastes. I’m looking for that confluence of street casual and fairway functionality.  For casual street wear JL nailed it with their super-slim threads matched with high class fabrics. I wouldn’t reach for anything else last year including their jeans - and their superb suits. There are issues! JL’s street stuff is clearly not for the bigger guy. We’re talking European skinny! But then, we’re all like that, right?

Meanwhile JL’s golf attire has all at the luxury feel and cut that you would expect from Sweden’s top golf couture. But the design verges too far towards Bay Hill and or the Buena Vista Country Club for me! It’s just too glaringly golf! Maybe you like that but I like it toned down a bit. 

QED Style

Different is definitely what I’m looking for. This is the great thing about the PGA Show. Each year brings a new kid on the block who really has something unique and striking to offer. This time it’s QED Style, a Salt Lake City outfit founded by former mini tour player, Mike McRae.  Enter Classic Americana! 

I predict QED Style will create a cult following in golf fashion circles this year. There’s a Western flare to their outfits, a cut that harkens back to men like Steve McQueen and James Dean.  And the quality is palpable, fine threads that will flow with your swing and look right at night. They’ve got a denim polo that feels nothing like denim - more like satin. They call it their Sugarhouse Polo, a soft denim feel cut slightly slimmer for a more fitting look. How novel! Of course, they do solid golf shirts with a twist around the yoke, a 4-snap button placket and more pointed collar that all tips a hat towards their Western roots. The Willard is a reversible jacket for fall, a nylon waterproof outer with a synthetic flannel wool finished in a fetching plaid. I didn’t get a good look at their pants - I will later when they send me some but the belts are straight off the High Chaparral; each one is handmade and one of a kind. In fact Mike’s dad makes them and each one looks collectible. They’ll even work with you to find the exact combination of rhinestone or New Mexico turquoise.

QED Style is already in some of the finest golf shops in America including Riviera, Pebble Beach, Desert Mountain and Kapalua marks them as a unique, boutique brand unlike any other and we look forward to charting their success. qedstyle.com





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