It’s not a thing you think a lot about; socks! But you know when you’ve found something that makes all the difference. It’s like being in Outer Mongolia and trying on a Yak wool coat or something similar. You know the natives sussed it out hundreds of years ago and it’s simply superior.

Kentwood Socks are like that! As it turns out, tour pros have been using thick, wool socks to keep their feet comfortable and protected from the stress of 18 holes a day. Obviously, playing golf has a profound effect on your feet so why not wear socks that protect, pad and keep them as comfy as possible. It’s what every well-heeled golfer should be wearing!

They’re obviously a bit dearer - you’ll pay £16-£20 a pair but trust me, you’ll reach for them out of the ‘sock box’ every time, most certainly when you’re playing. I’ve been wearing Kentwood for a year now and they’re still in great shape, cosy and comfy.

The Kentwool Tour Profile version is a low-cut ankle sock for wear with shorts and are a thick, comfortable presence that makes walking a treat. Their natural, soft, thick wool really feels fabulous. They do standard styles also for trouser-wear.

David J WhyteComment