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I’ve resisted the whole GPS trend. In fact it bugs me enormously when people take another 30 secs or more over each and every shot as they fumble about with their Laser scopes to get an exact measurement to the pin and then usually dump the ball 30 yards short or way off line. The game’s already ponderous enough without this added waste of time. Then I received a GPS watch and to be honest, would now be lost without it. In my opinion watches are the better option because at a split-second glance you get a fairly accurate idea of distance front, middle and back and that - let’s face it is all I need. 

GolfBuddy’s brought out two new watches for the PGA Show. The men’s GolfBuddy WT5 is a very cool, slim design and you hardly know it’s there in terms of lightness and comfort. The Dynamic Green View with moveable pin placement features can give you pin-point accuracy. It’s also a fully functional digital wristwatch with a rechargeable battery that will last 35 days in watch mode (8 in golf mode) but it’s a synch to recharge. 

And on the Ladies side, GolfBuddy have come up with something really gorgeous. The LD2 is an elegant, lightweight, ultra-chic wearable GPS bespangled with sapphire crystals from Swarovski®. I think this is a very shrewd move by Golf Buddy as there are an awful lot of ladies out there who golf with no such stylish accoutrement available. Until now! They’ll love the rich alligator grain leather band and sparkly bling. The girls at Media Day were all over it! It does 9 weeks in standard watch mode so it will never be off their wrists. 

David J WhyteComment