There has been some excellent development of the basic golf ball these past few years and companies such as Titliest, Callaway, Strata and Wilson have all made great contributions. But for the amateur golfer these developments might not make a significant difference. We all go for the 1 the golf pro’s pick - and we all know what 1 that is!

But therein may lie a mistake. You see, like golf clubs, you shouldn’t just go into the shop and pick a set off the shelf because your favourite players play them. 

Bridgestone has been catching my eye for a while now as they make more efforts towards crafting the perfect golf ball. But what is the perfect golf ball? We’re all different and we all need different styles of ball. The company that springs from Firestone Tyres knows a thing or two about rubber but they’re driving their golf ball division ahead with a new golf-ball-fitting service. We met them at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and tried out their ball-fitting-service. And voila! Choosing the right golf ball according to the stats does make a major difference. 

Like custom-fitted clubs, it makes perfect sense. Their new ball-fitting system ensures you’re playing the exact ball that matches your swing speed. Through more than 300,000 consumer fittings, Bridgestone have fine-tuned their parameters to match an array of amateur swings. The new 2016 TOUR B330RX and TOUR B330RXS golf balls have been specifically engineered to produce longer drives and better spin around the green for players with swing speeds below 105 mph. 

I have to admit, I'd use any old ball I find in my bag or under a bush! But since I've 'seen the light' of golf-ball-fitting I'll stick with the TOUR B330RX.

David J WhyteComment