I came across GAME GOLF at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando last January. From San Francisco, and seemingly entirely run by Irishmen, GameGolf is a set of electronic sensors that allows you to track and share every swing you make during a round. 

Now, that might not instantly grab your attention but think about it. How often after a game do you lie in bed, (if it was a good game) and go over each shot, the drive - watching the ball swerve the bunkers and roll into Position A, that crisp 5-iron laid up to avoid the ditch then a lovely little chip stopping pin high in line for a birdie- then you miss the putt. Well, that's golf and with GameGolf you can relive every stroke in perfect detail... and share it!

GAME GOLF uses sensors on each club unobtrusively placed into the hole in the butt of the grip and a sensor on your belt to capture the data. The only thing you have to remember to do is touch each club to the device on your belt before you take the shot. Game Golf then logs what club you use and where on the course you use it. When you get home you transfer the data to your computer and sync it to your cloud account on GAME GOLF's website (  From there your can pontificate over each shot, consider again club selection, the number of fairways and greens hit in regulation and so on. 

Then... you can share it! I'm not certain how welcome that would be inviting my golf buddies to go over my entire round, stroke by stroke but I reckon we're all nerdy enough to want to do that, especially if it's a good round. It doesn't end there, in fact it just begins. Through the new GameGolf social media hub you can virtually compete with friends or colleagues and indeed anyone around the world.

This has got major implications which I haven't entirely grasped yet but will no doubt do so once I get a set to test. We did try it out at a short course GameGolf had set up at Demo Day in Orlando and I must say, we were slightly befuddled at first but then began to get it. If a player on tour uses this, we can get a major insight into his game, his management strategies and results. On a more prosaic level it will increase awareness and insight into our own game and perhaps even help to improve it. 

The boxed set including the GAME GOLF GPS tracking device and 18 tags for clubs comes in at around £200. We're hoping to get a 'test set' in the next week or two and use it on some of the Scottish courses and will let you know how, in virtual reality, it works. Meanwhile check it out at