Kingsbarns Blues

Kingsbarns Blues

You cannot predict British weather! Whatever the forecast says, ignore it, forget it, learn to live in the moment. As a golf course photographer, I have to - otherwise, I’d go crazy.

I hung around Kingsbarns Golf Links all evening hoping for a bit of light. To fill in time, I walked out to the distant 12th and back again, messing about at the 15th. The tide was well out offering a host of colours like rose petals; raspberry red mixed with browns and greens. There was nothing going on photographically so I gingerly explored the slippy rocks and picked up 6 balls from between the rocks.  At least I was getting something out of this venture. 

Looking at the milky clouds blocking the sun, I decided to pack it in. I even drew it out a bit more, driving down to Kingsbarns Beach and contemplated sleeping in the van to give me a chance at some early morning shots. But the forecast was formidable so I turned around and headed for the comforts of home. 

As I trundled along the coast road between Kingsbarns and St Andrews, the sun suddenly dipped below the clouds. I'd come too far to turn back but no problem; this part of Fife is wall-to-wall with golf courses so I had my pick. And what do you know? I took some great new shots of the 18th at St Andrews adding to the 600 or so I must already have. You can never have enough good shots of St Andrews!

Now it’s 6am the next morning and instead of the predicted grey skies, it’s sunny. The lesson is, make a plan and stick to it. And take a good book to read in case it’s dull. Or practice chipping!