In The Shade

Maui Jims

 A friend of mine in Florida tells me he always buys Maui Jims figuring he won't lose them and look after them as compared to cheap specs. Interesting theory! I'm notorious for losing sunglasses. I get through a pair pretty much every trip! So thought I'd put his theory to the test. 

      This has been one of the busiest filming years for our Golf Passport travel show. We've covered The Bahamas, Bermuda, 9 separate US states (mainly for 'The Road to the Rider Cup' film - coming early next year) as well as a special Golf Passport: New York City - not to mention a slew of Scottish destinations. I got a couple of pairs of Maui Jims early in the season - just to look cool you understand. And guess what! I've still got them.

     You need to wear sunglasses in the US (not so much Scotland) for glaringly obvious reasons. Whether it was my buddy's idea or the fact that they are a sight dearer, I do believe I kept an eye on the Maui's a lot more than my usual supermarket brands and therefore, at the end of the season I still have them. 

     Besides all that the Maui's are cool. They feel classy. I got two pairs; Stone Crushers and Kawikas. The Stone Crushers were ostensibly for wearing on the golf course and I surprised myself once again by doing so. I've never been keen on wearing sunglasses a la golf. Being the super-concentrated player that I am, anything between me and the ball is a distraction. Fairly light with a hint of tint, the Maui's subtle presence quickly became forgettable while they do their job of taking down the glare and keeping up the contrast. In short, they're the best sun specs I've found for playing. So, during our summer sojourns they rarely left my head. 

I also got a pair of Kawika Turquoise jobs while we were filming in New York and they to did the trick also - less golfy- more understated cool. I'm delighted with the both of them and here in September, there still with me and might even see me through a busy winter season. Bermuda here we come. 

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