New York State of Mind

Roberto lives on the 39th floor with some pretty impressive views of the surrounding skyscrapers, the Hudson River and the Empire State Building to the north.

They’re currently constructing another scraper on the next block and I’m monitoring progress. These guys work fast! Yesterday, they were laying steel rods across the floor, let’s just guess it's the 20th. This morning at 6am (they start early here - Brits take note), they’re pouring concrete. Tomorrow, they'll be on the walls again ready to commence the next floor.  I reckon they can build a skyscraper in a couple of weeks (kidding). But they do do things differently here!

It must be really satisfying raking that wet concrete into place and putting a nice skin on it. These guys are good!

Empire State Building

Empire State Building

Roberto sings opera as I might have mentioned - as well as being the best golf coach in the USA and this afternoon he decided to practice - his singing.  I couldn’t help thinking of his neighbours as he cranked out a few verses of Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute). These flats are superbly soundproofed! Again, a huge difference from the UK where I hear, much to my chagrin every footstep from the flat above and muffled grunts and yelps  from the two teenagers in the flat below. 

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