New Galloway Golf Club

New Galloway Golf Club © David J. Whyte 5.jpg

Sometimes you come across a 'wee' gem that you just have to try. In spite of New Galloway Golf Club's hilliness and 9-holes, I couldn't drive away without trying it. 

I'd arrived take a few pictures and get back on the road to Thornhill and my mate John's place where a nice G&T would be waiting followed by the usual fine evening spread and bottle of wine or two. 

The clubhouse was empty but I chanced upon Sandy, a committee member involved with junior coaching and he set me up with a rickety old petrol buggy and up and over I went in search of the course's best views. 

Having bagged a few nice photographs, I got back to the car park and prepared to leave for Thornhill but it was such a nice night and that course was in such lovely condition, I called Sandy on his mobile and asked if I could play a few. 

The 8th cascades down again tightened by trees and defended by heathery hillocks.

The 8th cascades down again tightened by trees and defended by heathery hillocks.

No 7 is the one to watch for, a nice Par 3 uphill but it's the views across  Loch Ken that cause a pause. Loch Ken, Sandy had informed me, was used a lot for water sports and the yacht club was quite a sight when they're out on the loch.

New Galloway Golf Club, Dumfries & Galloway © David J Whyte @

I feel it for these little Scottish clubs. They struggle along with voluntary support from members, bring on the local kids to enjoy the game and generally are an important part of these small communities. But they don't see a lot of visitors and membership, as it is across the UK these days is dwindling. I don't know what the answer is apart from golfers becoming a lot more itinerarnt like me and sample these delightful little tracks.