Six Key Score Saving Tips

1. What is Perfect Posture? 
Extension through the body at address with long arms and a long spine allows you to engage your core and larger muscles so you set up consistently and hit the ball solidly. This bio-mechanically desirable position is easy to find. The key is knowing that there are two tilts – not just one. The first is over the ball and the other less obvious, a slight tilt away from the target. It’s always important to hinge from the hips when making both tilts. This puts you in the best position, (hips to head in-line) to deliver a powerful strike.

2. How close or far should I stand from the Ball? 
 As we’ve stated, your arms and torso should be long at address. But how far from your body should they be?  There’s plenty of information on this subject and one important observation, i.e. there is no universal position. We see different angles of arms at impact from all the world’s best players. The reason for this is that the angle and distance depends on each individual’s anatomy, his ability to leverage swing speed, and flexibility. 

Centrifugal force sends the arms out a specific distance from the body. At address effective players place the arms at the same distance they will extend to when they swing. To discover this - simply make a realistic practice swing noting where the arms pass through the impact area – that is where to place them at address. You can then relax through your swing as you won’t have to make compensating adjustments mid-swing to get ‘in the slot’.


3. How to turn without sliding or swaying?
Good leg action is key to the hips turning properly. Start with just a light flex in your knees; don’t start with a lot of knee bend or you’ll have nowhere to go and your individual body segments will be disconnected. Your forward leg should flex toward the ball, not toward the back leg. In this manner, your hips will coil with the rest of your body connected, rather than slide. Combined with the ideal set up (see ‘Perfect Posture’) and a slight angle away from the target, your weight and centre of gravity will shift more naturally during your back swing and stay connected during the forward swing.
4. How do I achieve short game excellence?
As much as centrifugal force is key for the full swing, gravity is key for the short game. Again, a good set-up 
is vital. If you’re properly emulating a pendulum and employing gravity, not muscular force, then your arms will swing almost vertically, close to your body, whether it’s a putt, chip, or pitch. So when you address the ball for strokes around the green let your arms hang naturally.

 The other key for short game success is getting your ball positioned opposite your sternum and making your hands meet where your left arm hangs. This position with the ball back and the hands forward makes the shaft lean forward naturally, which therefore produces a downward strike. From this position you make a ‘laissez faire’ (free from restriction) stroke and know you’ll always make solid contact

Roberto Borgatti

Roberto Borgatti imparts golf instruction to the rich and famous including past presidents and movie personalities. He also travels around the world to meet his students when they need him and also operates onboard a very unique luxury cruise line, Crystal Cruises. At the same time he is a classically 
trained opera singer and this spring, he makes his operatic debut in New York as the lead in Verdi’s La Traviata. That is a widely diverse skill-set that Borgatti effectively combines in his vocation as a golf coach. He has built a reputation of working wonders and dramatically lowering golfers’ handicaps. And for good reason; managing sound mechanics with sensitivity to the human spirit is something that cannot be taught.