David J Whyte has been a golf travel content-creator for over 20 years. As VisitScotland’s official golf landscape photographer he have been providing superlative images for all of the Home of Golf's publications including the annual Official Guide to Golf in Scotland for the past two decades. 

As a golf travel writer, David is perhaps one of the most published in the world regularly commissioned by golf publications throughout Asia, Europe and The Americas. 

David has written many travel guidebooks including the Globetrotter’s Golfers Guide to Scotland and Globetrotter’s Golfers Guide to Spain along with Golf Monthly’s Scottish Golfing Gems and Landmark Visitor Guide to Scotland and contributed to many other golf books.


Clive ‘Silky Swing’ Agran rather immodestly describes himself as ‘the most gifted golf writer either side of the Urals’. Formerly an editor of industrial publications, his sports writing career began in 1989 when he joined Eurosport. After Eurosport moved to Paris, he joined Screensport and produced a programme called ‘The Golf Report’. He eventually quit tv to return to writing. His immensely popular ‘Single Figures or Bust’ series in Golf Monthly both reduced his handicap and raised his profile.

Said to have more columns than the Parthenon, his whimsical musings and sparkling travel features can be read in a number of publications including Golf International, Golf Monthly, Golf World, Today’s Golfer and Golf News. Apart from winning a major, one of his few remaining ambitions is to write for ‘VW Golf’ magazine, “Just to complete the set.”

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